St. Michael's Laundry Supervisors

Three staff members of St. Michael's Laundry, Alissa Hochstetler, Jessica Jordan, and Ralph White, have completed the Frontline Supervision program through Human Resources.

Frontline Supervision is a series of eight half-day sessions designed to develop the skills necessary to lead at the frontline of supervision at the University of Notre Dame. The sessions provide maximum “how-to” skills which can be applied immediately to the job. 

Each of these three staff members have grown and advanced in responsibility and skill throughout their tenure at the University.

Alissa Hochstetler has worked at the Laundry since 2008. She was promoted to a lead position in 2016 and trains staff members in various skills, passing along her extensive knowledge of laundry processes.

Jessica Jordan has worked at the Laundry since 2013. She also was promoted to a lead position in 2016. She is known among the staff she leads for her positive spirit, continuous smile, and motivational quotes.

Ralph White has worked at the Laundry since 2012. He was promoted to the full-time driver position in 2014 and handles all of the deliveries to the athletic teams. He arrives each morning and 2 AM to ensure that the teams have their uniforms for practices and games.