Pamela Herron

Pamela Herron was recently promoted as the new Hotel Assistant Manager – Rooms at the Morris Inn.

Pamela started at the front desk in March of 2016. During her time in the front office, she was promoted on two different occasions. She began assisting in housekeeping during the month of June and brought with her extensive front office knowledge.

Pamela graduated from the University of Phoenix, in Grand Rapids, MI, with a Bachelor’s in Business Administration. She has the experience of serving in management-level positions in the business-center sector for more than 20 years. Several of her accomplishments include assessing current and future staffing needs, managing budgetary processes, and building and leading successful, goal-oriented teams of professional staff. She believes in commitment, team spirit, pride, trust, and group identity. In addition to her technical expertise, she evinces a passion for hospitality.

Pamela is married with five children and eighteen grandchildren.