Hoa Duong

Hoa Duong, seamstress at St. Michael's Laundry, has received a Presidential Achievement Award.

When Hoa and her family left Vietnam in 1975, she was keen on finding a way to use her talents in her new home. When she joined the University more than 35 years ago as a seamstress, she did just that. Over the years, Hoa has mastered the art of tailoring and has used her diverse gifts to construct, repair, and preserve her customers' valued garments and textiles.

She has designed numerous creative solutions for a variety of the University's departments. From designing and sewing tabs and bowl patches on football jerseys to creating fire extinguisher covers to compliment the aesthetics of Club Naimoli, her innovative approaches are well-noted with handwritten commendations and thank-you notes.

Hoa is both skillful in her craft and gifted in her disposition. Her natural charisma and innate affinity for people is ideally suited for the service profession she practices. She is intuitive, spontaneous, and genuine and makes people feel comfortable around her. Hoa's depth and breath of insight and perception helps her provide exceptional service to her customers. Hoa's years of dedication at the University of Notre Dame are a testament to her work ethic.