Segura Arts Studio produces limited-edition Grotto print

Author: Catherine Ake

'Grotto Autumn 2014' print from Segura Arts Studio “Grotto Autumn 2014”
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A limited-edition print of the iconic Grotto at the University of Notre Dame is now for sale through the Segura Arts Studio, part of the Notre Dame Center for Arts and Culture. This is the studio’s first print to be created specifically for Notre Dame since moving here from Arizona in 2012.

“This is the studio’s inaugural ‘Notre Dame Landmark Print’ — the first of an annual series of prints that highlight important landmarks on campus which we feel will resonate with the Notre Dame family, and with the local community. We’ve launched this series of prints to draw attention to the University’s growing interest in arts and culture,” said Doug Franson, assistant director at the Segura Arts Studio.

The print was created through a detailed process of pressing paper into tiny recessed areas of a copper plate. This technique gives the image an embossed look. A one-page text detailing the process of making a photogravure print, and the copper plate, will accompany a framed print on display at the Hammes Notre Dame Bookstore.

Photographer Terry Evans captured the image of the Grotto for the print. She is known for using both land and aerial photography to uncover the complex relationships that exist between land and people. Evans said, “These places are beautiful to me, perhaps because all land, like the human body, is beautiful.” The Snite Museum of Art holds a permanent collection of her photography. To see examples of Evans’ work, visit

One hundred copies of “Grotto Autumn 2014” are available online via Segura Arts Studio’s webpage for $250, unframed.

Contact: Doug Franson, Segura Arts Studio, 574-631-3143,

Originally published by Catherine Ake at on April 09, 2015.