Reckers: Wood-fired pizza and fresh fruit smoothies

Author: Auxiliary Operations

Reckers Wood-fired Oven

It may be located in the South Dining Hall and surrounded by an undergraduate neighborhood, but Reckers has something to offer everyone.

Besides being the University’s only 24-hour restaurant, it also has the only wood-fired oven on campus and prepares over 50,000 pizzas a year. Everything is made to order and all items on the menu are available 24/7.

Working with Executive Chef Don Miller, the staff at Reckers creates their own unique recipes. All sauces, from lemon pesto to Buffalo, are made in-house. Specialties besides pizza are smoothies—sourced from Freshens and made with real fruit—and piadinas, Mediterranean-style sandwiches made with chargrilled dough.

“In addition to our featured menu, we are continually testing new recipes for burgers, pizzas and milkshakes,” says Dawn Dieter-Bell, general manager. “Right now we are featuring Nutter Butter, apple pie and pumpkin milkshakes.”

Reckers delivers for planned office events. Staff will make smoothies at your location, whether at noon or midnight. Group meeting space can be reserved at most times of day free of charge.

The casual coffeehouse atmosphere, with comfortable seating and a large outdoor patio, facilitates all manner of gatherings. From coffee (Starbucks) and conversation, to tutoring to job interviews, Reckers provides a welcoming space to meet.

“Coaches will bring in recruits, and during events such as move-in and move-out days, game days and Commencement, faculty, staff and families come here to enjoy the hospitality of Notre Dame,” said Dieter-Bell.

The busiest time is 3 to 4 a.m. when the café becomes a hub of late night energy. Special events such as poetry night, movie night, game nights and live bands are open to all.

“What makes all this work is the great staff here,” said Dieter-Bell. “A 24-hour operation is challenging in the sense that you do not have down time to catch up. Our motto is “leave it better than you found it.”

Hours are 24/7 during the academic year. Summer and break week hours are posted on the website, E-mail or call 631-8638.