Council of Chefs Wins 2014 Presidential Team Irish Award

Author: Colleen O'Connor


Notre Dame’s Council of Chefs, a 13-member culinary team led by Executive Chef, Don Miller, has been awarded a 2014 Presidential Team Irish Award.

The purpose of the Council is to gather the culinary leadership on campus to address culinary concerns such as recipe quality, recipe procedures, productivity, inventory controls and professionalism. The members come from all campus Food Service operations, with each one holding a culinary supervisory position. Recently, the group has made significant progress tying together the areas of menu and recipe management with food and labor costs, resulting in better expense controls and improved budget performance.

In naming the Council of Chefs as Team Irish Award winners, it was noted that the member culinarians have taken initiatives that nurture values consistent with the University of Notre Dame’s mission. Their work significantly impacts thousands of students, faculty, staff and visitors on a daily basis.